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after a easy trip back we arrived at home ...
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2018 is ready ..
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after nice 3 week ...

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from Pleschnitzzinken SOTA OE/ST-493 ...
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from 2018 Austria VHF Mountain tour ...
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OE/DO1BEN/p July 24th until August 17 th ....
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I particpate in DL0IL/p Fieldcamp activity ...

Lightship Læsø Rende on air

Ben DO1BEN - it's me, Peter DO7VD, Uli DD3EU and Uli DL7UB where active from the old historic Lightship Laesö Rende from June 22nd until 24th 2007.

Lightship Læsø Rende has the ARRL Ref.Nr.: FED-142

The historic lightship is located in the harbour of Heikendorf, a small town near Kiel.

Coordinates are; 54° 22.5' N; 010° 11.7' E
Gridsquare: JO54CI

We used the calls DR9L/p and DA9L/p.

TRX: Yaesi FT847, Heil Headset and Dipol Antennas for 10 to 80 meters.


The antennas were mounted on top of the masts of the lightship. Power: 100 Watts only.

We made a lot of interesting contacts. Sometimes we got a little pile up as we made the call as:
" cq cq cq this is DA9L, DA9L/p Lightship on the air ... "

During our activity we run a webcam. The visitors of our webpage could see the operator at work or pictures from other parts of the ship. On one of tis picts shows the whole crew.

From left to right: Uli (DD3EU), Ben (DO1BEN), Peter (DO7VD) and Uli (DL7UB).

Webpage of the lightship: