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will run from July 22nde - August 16th.
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Today at 10 UTC we closed the station ...
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this afternoon on 20 meters ...
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and working well ...
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from Texel Island this year ...
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since this afternooen ...
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Activity (EU: 038)  will start Saturday 13th ...


       Austvågøy Island

         Lofoten Island Group

       North Norway

       IOTA Ref.: EU-076



Operator team was active from Austvågøy Island. Austvågøy is part of 
Lofoten Island group and loacted in front of north Norwegian coast.
Far up in the north.

Due to very special propagation far in the north we made thze most contacts on 20 and 17 merters..

Date: 2013 June 7th until 14th


Andy  - DL5AND

Ben - DO1BEN

Georg - DL3YAT

Vinny - DL6II

QSL Information: pse QSL via DO1BEN - we will answer all incoming cards. Bureau (preffered) or direct via Ben Joerdens, Hermann-Stehr-Str. 41, 51067 Koeln, Germany
QSL also via: LOTW, HRDLog, Clublog and eQSL.

QSL card preview is now avalible here - click for larger pict - .

Location: Sanden (small village) on Austvågøy Island  --- Grid Locator: JP78HK

Lighthouse: A lighthouse valid for WLOTA (world lighthouse on the air) is also located on Austvågøy Island. WLOTA Ref.: 3256. The lighthouse is activated the first time by LA5O team.

Transceiver: Elekraft K3, Yaesu FT 1000, Expert 1k2 Amp.

Antennas: SteppIR vertical (BigIR) and 6 band Hexbeam by foldingantennas (20-6 meters) and a line feeded Inverted V Dipole for 40 meters.

Thanks to all who came back to our cq calls.

Many thanks to Stein-Roar - LA6FJA for organizing the nice call LA5O and Markus - DJ4EL - for logodesign and other help as well and Peter - DO7VD - for his help by prepairing our equipement.

Georg has prepared some information in german language on his homepage - pse klick here - .

---- More information soon --