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I particpate in DL0IL/p Fieldcamp activity ...
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from Texel Island.
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Today at 11 UTC we closed the station ...
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Haschel 8P6GU was last DX contact ..
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Bob K4ENC/qrp came in with a 5/7 signal ...
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this morning on 20 meters sideband ...
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where made today in digimodes on 20 meters.

Kukuljari Lighthouse activity 2012

July 18th  we activated the Lighthouse on Kukuljari Island Kukuljari References are: IOTA Ref.:: EU-170 - IOCA Ref.: CI-231- ARLHS Ref.: CRO-218

We came in with the boat from Jezera. Due to heavy wind we had to finish much more early as expected. 

We used a homebrew vertical for 40 and 15 meters. Radio was Yaesu FT847 as usually on our activities.

Propagation was really bad (nothing on 15 meters) so we worked stations from europe on 40 meters with good signals.

 Thanks to all who came back to my cq calls. 


Kukuljari Island ahead

Kukuljari new Lighthouse and ruin of old tower


Ben and Radoslav prepairing the shack

Boot and Antenna (Vertical for 40 and 15 meter)


Ben operating

 The latern of the lighhouse