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Activity will start Friday 27th ...
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from Texel Island (EU-038) from October 27th - November 4th ....
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after a nice week ...

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Philipp and me made a nice tour ...

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today after our first trip ...
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via OE7XKI - Hohe Salve - Repeater ...
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this afternoon. Base station is on air ...

9A8BEN is my Croatian call sign. In 2017 we are active again form Jezera, a small village, on Murter Island from July 20th until August 1th.

We plan to be active from some smaler Islands and Lighhouses in Murter area during our stay there.

Online log: My online log is available - here- . Last 25 contacts are shown or search for your call sign in the full log. Contacts from 2011, 2012 and 2013 are avaliable also in the online log.

Murter Island has no IOTA Reference No. because it's connected to the mainland with a bridge and the distance is to short. 

Locator is: JN73TS

Please QSL via my German home call DO1BEN. QSL via Bureau (best way) or direct if you want.

Island of Croatia award Ref.: CI-074

House, Shack and Antenna on Murter Island

Ben back from a boat trip

2017 - Pictures from 2017 activty are available here - Pictures 2017 -

2012 - Kukuljari Island (IOTA: EU-170) and Lighhouse (ARLHS: CRO-218) where activated at July 18th. More details - please click here -

2011 - on August 7´th we made a nice trip to Tetovisnjak Mali Island (EU-170) - Croatian Island Award Ref.: CI-424. Pictures are - here - .