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from Murter Island comming soon ...

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after a easy trip back we arrived at home ...
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today in the afternoon ...
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Danny - AH6FX - came in this morning ...
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today in the pictures 2017 section ...
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contact with Peter - ZD7FT - on 20 meters ...
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.. this morning on 20 meters (Digimodes)

2016 VHF Mountain Tour
portabel activity from several mountains in Kaernten and Vorarlberg area.

2016/07/18 until 07/22 from Kaernten area. Base QTH is: "Turracher Höhe"
2016/07/23 until 07/29 from Vorarlberg area. Base QTH is: "Gaschurn"

Call sign was OE/DO1BEN/p and acitivity was arround 144,300 MHz SSB and i made some FM contacts via direct ans FM repeaters.

Radio: Kenwood TS751E (25 Watts) / Antenna: HB9CV on fiber pole (6 meter high)

We visited several summits, sometimes without radio with us.

Date Summit Altitude Comments
20-07-2016 Turrachwr Höhe 1.785 m from Base QTH, also Repeater "Gerlitzen/OE8XNK" 145.7625 MHz
25-07-2016 Sennigrat 2.278 m we walked within the clouds and made some local contacts
26-07-2016 Nova Stoba 2.010 m contact's with HB9, OE and DL
27-07-2016 Golm 2.000 m some FM contatcs

Some pictures are available her. Pse < klick here > .

Weather was fine and thanks to all who came back to my calls.


2015 - July 29th until August 9th - Activity from Kaernten / Austria

I was active from the very small village "Turracher Höhe". Altitude 1.700 meter above see level. Locator: JN66WW - WWFF Reference: OEFF-094 "Nationalpark Nockberge"

Activity is valid for "WorldWide Flora & Fauna in amateur radio" programm. I was active on 10, 15 and 80 meters in PSK / RTTY and some SSB mode. Some picts from our location and our tours are available - klick here - .

Thanks for all contacts. Good DX and best 73's / 44's.

2014 - July 31st until August 14th -- Activity from Voralberg / Austria

OE/DO1BEN - i was active from a small village in Montafon area. The Name of the village is Gaschurn - Locator: JN56AX - Altitude is about 1.000 meters over see level. I worked in holiday style in SSB and PSK / RTTY.

Thanks to all who came back to my call or pick me up.