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from Texel Island (EU-038) ...
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from Texel Island.
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Today at 10 UTC we closed the station ...
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is running. i am participaiting in casual mode :-) ...
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Khaz - 9Z4AF - came back to my calls
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Luis - KP4WQ - from Puerto Rico ...
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came in the log for this activity by VK8GM - Gregory ...

QSL via the Bureau is a good way to get your card. Bureau in Germany works well.
If you want to QSL direct please use the adress below. It's valid for all activities.


"Ben" Joerdens
Hermann-Stehr-Str. 41
51067 Koeln

QSL via homecall DO1BEN
Bureau or direct
for all activities


I am QSL manager for:
DLØIL, DA9L, OZØIL and LA5O activities

Adress is also valid if you want to QSL with Barbara - DO1IQ - Barbara is also active as OZ/DO1IQ and PD/DO1IQ.

SWL reports are welcome and will be answered everytime.