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will run from July 22nde - August 16th.
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Today at 10 UTC we closed the station ...
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this afternoon on 20 meters ...
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and working well ...
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from Texel Island this year ...
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since this afternooen ...
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Activity (EU: 038)  will start Saturday 13th ...

Tetovisnjak Mali Island (EU-170)

Croatian Island Award Ref.: CI-424

at Sunday 7th. 2011

Tetovisnjak is an unhabitated island in front of the Dalamatien Coast with Rocks and small green bushes only.

Log for 2011 activity is available on
HAMLOG.EU. Here you can check if you are in the log.

We startet early in the morning with Rolandos sailing boat to go to Tetovisnjak Mali Island (Mali means: small). Near by the island we brought all the stuff with a very small boat to the beach. Sailing boat anchors nearby.

Tetovisnjak is an small island, 300 meters long. No people live here. It's an Rock in the see with white stones and some very small bushes only.

9A8BEN - on the boat

Boat in the Bay of Tetovisnjak Mali

Rolando - 9A3MR - sets up the VHF station to participate in a VHF contest. But unfortunatly the Yagi Antenna did not work. After error was found and fixed, Rolando started to participate in the VHF contest. Longest distance was contact with Sardinia Island.

Landing place

Antennas area

I set up the homebrew vertical for 40 and 15 meters. Radio was Yaesu FT847. We run under battery power so 100 Watt was max. output.

I had a great pile up due to the big interest of european stations in the IOTA and Croatian Island Award. Widest contact was with HZ1BW, Abdullah in Riyadh.

We had a great day on the island, so we decided to check if we can come back to Tetovisnjak in 2012 for another island activation.


 Ben handles the pile up

  Ben - 9A8BEN and Rolando 9A3MR