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after a 10 hour drive ...
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from Nova Stoba (2.010 m) ...
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on 2.278 meters high on VHF ...
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alows first contact on VHF-FM ...
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after a save trip ...
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and ready for the Tour.
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preparations are running well. New antenna

Texel Island


2015 Texel island activity was from October 5th until 11th. Call signs where PD/DO1BEN and PD/DO1IQ. Texel is located in the northern part of The Netherlands in the Wadden See. Texel Island is IOTA Ref.: EU-038.

QTH was: De Cocksdorp     Locator: JO23KD

There is also a Lighthouse on the Island. It's valid for World Lighthouse On The Air award.
WLOTA Ref.: LH 0043


TRX was Yaesu FT2000. We used self made vertical antennas for 10 and 20 meters. For 40 meters we had set up a inverted V (wide space) dipole. Activities where on digimodes (RTTY and PSK31), and also in SSB. Thanks to all who came back to my calls.

Former activities , from the same place, where in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and Oktober 2014.

some picts from our location and our tours are available here. - pse klick here - .

New 2014 QSL card. QSL via homecall.